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The production of special crop requires special full agronomical technical knowledge.
Achieving the goal of providing products for direct human consumption involves great field work from the moment the seed is planted until it is sown.

Many producers understand that it is very beneficial for their fields to have sowing rotation, even more when it comes to a special type of sowing.
What generally happens is that those who take the risk of doing so, do not achieve the desired quality and even if they did achieve it, it becomes very difficult to close a deal afterwards.
As a consequence return on investment is affected.

SAMAL AGRO SA, has long offered producers the opportunity to carry out these types of sowing and to be part of a fully integrated business, ensuring the agronomical benefit for their lands and investment return in their economic scheme.


This sowing program starts with the lot selection.
Our engineers choose the land considering soil and weather parameters.
Then the chemical fallow is done in order to prepare the land.
We use self-manufactured input here together with technology which is specially implemented in these types of sowing. From there on, a sowing protocol is followed , which, depending on the area where sowing takes place , parameters such as sowing density, machine type, inter row distance, pre emergent and post emergent herbicides, etc are taken into consideration.

The sowing program includes a technical follow up of the sowing.
There is weekly monitoring for plague on the part of the agronomical engineer who is in charge of the lot and there is also an instance of consultation with the agronomical engineer technical team with a testing of weed and insect presence.
The threshold of economic damage is taken into consideration and based on that we determine if there should or not be any sort of implementation for control purposes.

Once the sowing is concluding its cycle, the technician in charge decides when is the right moment to implement the drying process in order to collect the crop at the right moment and get the best results in terms of crop quality and optimum humidity.