Currently, Argentina is one of the main grain producers in the world.
Their strategic geographical location allows for production in the off-season with the aim of offering food in times when most producers from other countries do not have any production.

SAMAL AGRO S.A is strategically located in the province of Córdoba, the central region of Argentina and the most productive agricultural area in the country.
We are also located in different provinces through the trading network El Atardecer del Campo, which allows us to have a highly competitive business model with optimum risk atomization.

We create a world of possibilities
for Agriculture

Our Company

We are an argentinean company operating in the agricultural market.
Our global structure allows us to meet the requirements of the market with a large crop production capacity.

Through a strategic partnership with other producers, the sowing of different crops such as; green mung bean, green peas, coriander, chickpeas, pop corn, sesame, chia, black bean, adzuki bean, camberry bean, read light bean, dark red bean are developed among others.

What is this partnership based on that so many producers rely on us when it comes to their crops and why is it that so many countries request our products and services?

We are producers and suppliers of all necessary input for crop production: seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals.

Our sowing plan allows us to work together with the producer and do an intensive follow up of the crop along every single stage of the crop, from sowing to the collection of the grain ready to trade.

Production is distributed throughout the most productive area of the country, atomizing completely productive risks.
SAMAL AGRO S.A has 9 branches and a technical department made of more than 18 agronomist engineers.

Classification and preparation of the production obtained from modern processing plants.

The business model described guarantees quality and quantity of production, together with a strict tracking control system because there is a process of intervention in all the stages of the process, from the production of the necessary input to the exportation of the obtained grains.

Our Vision

Year after year, the world population significantly increases and food, which is the most important pillar for development, is a complex problem to be resolved.

Samal Agro SA, invests in a sustainable solution to the problem, providing a wide range of grains and pulses obtained from the highest quality standards ensuring the best feeding option at the lowest possible cost.


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